Why A Smok Alien Starter Kit Is An Ideal Travel Companion

Before the advent of vaping pens, we used to worry about slipping a pack ofsmok_alien_220w_tc_starter_kit_black_body_and_rainbow_trim_ cigarettes past the airport checks. Fortunately, vaping kits are approved travel items in most custom controls. If you have always been curious about the vaping culture, the Smok Alien Starter Kit can suit your traveling needs.

There are several things you should look for when considering the best travel vaping kit in the market. Some of the things you might want to look into are the battery life, ease of assembly, and general aesthetics among many other factors. Here is why the Smok Alien vaping kit for starters ticks most of these boxes.

1. Battery Life

According to the best vaping reviews, the most appropriate batteries to use on a vaping kit are 18650 models. Fortunately, a Smok Alien vaping kit houses two of these batteries. This should last you hours of puffing before your next recharge session.

2. Ergonomics

Here we talk about the size of the vaping kit. A lot of vaping pens on the market today are quite bulky considering the number of features the manufacturers try to fit into the product. When the Smok Alien vaping kit launched, one of the biggest features that set it apart from other vaping kit was its miniature design. Despite packing two large 18650 batteries, the overall design is compact enough to fit into your pocket.

3. Ease of use

For a travel vaping kit, you want a product that comes with quick controls to adjust vaping modes. The Smok Alien vaping kit launched with a convenient LED display that indicated vaping mode, number of puffs, power mode, and general settings. You always know at what temperature you are vaping at and how much battery power you have left before your next charging session.

4. Charging port

Smok Alien beginner kits feature a USB charging port at the bottom of the UI display. This allows you to quickly charge the mod at the airport lounge or on the plane en route. You can also add a portable power bank to your vaping kit as a backup charger.

Final Thoughts

By and large, a Smok Alien starter kit is designed to suit your travel needs as a vaper. It has enough power to last you several puffs and it is the only safe way to smoke in public places—even at the airport lobby. What is more, it comes with a refill tank, a charging USB cable, and replacement accessories to ensure your vaping experience and overall lifestyle remains uninterrupted while on holiday.

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