Simple 3 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Vape Battery

Over time, your vape batteries can degrade and run out of power or just becometriton-battery-main incapable of holding a charge for long. If this happens, your batteries need to be replaced. Because such situations interfere with your vaping experience, it is critical to know ways of prolonging your vape battery life.

1. Store in a safe environment

Never expose your vape batteries to extreme heat for a long time. Strive to also keep your batteries in a safe container away from other items as there are things that can degrade and shorten your battery lifespan. Never store your vape batteries in wet, damp and dirty places as the dirt and moisture can damage them. When dirt or moisture encounters your vape battery, its connection to the MOD weakens; your battery will, therefore, need to work harder to produce quality vapor.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

High temperatures can damage your battery or reduce its lifespan. Temperatures that are above 113 degrees, for instance, will age your battery faster. In fact, a battery that is always used and never allowed to cool down will have considerably shorter lifespan than its counterpart that’s always given time to cool.

According to most vaping and e-cig reviews, it is also not advisable to use your vaping pens kit when it is at temperatures below -4 degrees. Generally, the reactions that occur inside your battery are slowed in cold conditions, which imply that the battery will give you poor performance. You should also remember that abruptly heating a cold battery can damage it.

3. Responsible recharging

It is advisable to recharge your vape battery before it is completely drained to improve its lifespan. Immediately you notice that the battery is losing power, it is critical to charge it. Never wait until it is completely dead.

Additionally, when your vape battery is fully charged, you should remove it from the charger. Don’t forget to leave it sitting fully charged and connected to your charger for long. Although charging your battery overnight seems convenient, it is one thing you need to avoid if you want to prolong the life of your vape battery.


Taking care of your vape batteries can save you lots of money in the long term. Having an extra battery is also a good idea in case your main battery gets damaged. To get the most of your spare battery, however, ensure that it is charged halfway. Charging a fully drained battery adds extra strain on it, and can eventually shorten its lifespan. Remember, the lower the power of your vape battery, the more the energy that’s needed to charge it.

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